Call Me Ma’am Trailer

Call Me Ma’am is a very short film so making a trailer without giving anything away is quite difficult. Enjoy!

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AC180: Crazy shopping in Tokyo

Adrienne adventure in Tokyo continues with crazy Japanese underwear, hip hop styles, Shibuya, Harajuku, and shoe heaven. Filmed at Shibuya 109, Don Quijote, Donki, Kitte,


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Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, investigate a serial killer using supernatural abilities.

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Directors: Leo Kei Angelos | Kristen Brancaccio
Writers Kristen Brancaccio | Adrienne Camille (Story)
Composer Jon Ong
Cinematographer Leo Kei Angelos

Adrienne Camille – Rookie Detective
Erika Salima Ellis – Ms. Babindoaux
James Logan – Detective
Meredith Michalojko – Melissa

AC180: Harajuku Monster cafe

Adrienne continues her exploration of Tokyo to a crazy cafe in Harauku: Kawaii Monster Cafe!

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Kumo- The Demon Doll

Junko needs cash quick, so she dusts off Grandma’s creepy doll for eBay, not knowing it holds a monstrous evil inside.

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Written By: Adrienne Camille
Directed / Produced / Edited By: Adrienne Camille + Jackie Perez

Junko: Mina Son
Monster: Sachiko Ishida
Little Girl: Audrey Berkobian
Mother: Adrienne Camille

Cinematographer: Matthew Renoir
1st AC: Matthew Hardesty
Sound: George Takatje
Make-Up/SFX: Amaris Aguirre
Production Assistants: Doug Ryan + Sydney Hoffner

The 48 Hour Film Challenge – Lessons Learned

For those new to filmmaking, I suggest trying the yearly 48 hour film festival. That’s right, take your weekend and challenge you and your friends to create a masterpiece. Okay, okay, challenge yourselves to finish. You get a genre, a line, a prop, and a name that all have to incorporated into the film. Not in LA? That fine, they do one in almost every major city.

Lessons learned:

  • Have your team on standby in a location already picked out. Transportation will eat up precious hours, especially at rush hour time (drawing is around 6pm). Send one person to draw the genre and call with all the required elements.
  • Pick a story but keep it simple. Have a character arch but you can’t save the world in 24 hours.
  • Do as much post in camera instead of on the computer. If you don’t know what that means, message me and I’ll write a whole post for you. 4K and RED are not necessary so long as the HD footage is high quality, you have saved yourself a lot of time at the end.
  • Use your time wisely. You’ll need one whole day for editing and rendering. You have to turn it in on time, to the minute.
  • Keep the paperwork in order. It can get you disqualified but its also one of the few elements that can be done ahead of time.

Enjoy two that I completed with an acting class 3 years ago and some Behind the Scenes Photos.

Enemies Closer

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The Power Of Money

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Cast of Enemies Closer

Cast of The Power Of Money

The Ultimate Soldier highlight reel

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Several years ago, Adrienne Camille was a contestant on The Ultimate Soldier Challenge. While she didn’t win the day, she did get some sweet footage.

This was the first and last time I do Reality TV or a contestant show.



Game of Groans

Game of Thrones Parody. When spring hits and the coats come off, the game of groans begins. Why do summer clothes never fit?!

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In order of appearance:


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More #BundyEroticFanFic mean tweets!

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You thought we’d only do one of these? The stand off was resolved but we have to remember the, well, passion of these men and woman.


Adele’s Hello from the Outside

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Hey Adele, we listened to your lyrics and “Hello” is actually kind of creepy. Oh well, I’d totally let Adele stalk me.


James Lake

Marianne Bros

Introducing Courtney Muller

Big Thanks to Benjamin T Voelker

A short by Adrienne Camille