Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, investigate a serial killer using supernatural abilities.

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Directors: Leo Kei Angelos | Kristen Brancaccio
Writers Kristen Brancaccio | Adrienne Camille (Story)
Composer Jon Ong
Cinematographer Leo Kei Angelos

Adrienne Camille – Rookie Detective
Erika Salima Ellis – Ms. Babindoaux
James Logan – Detective
Meredith Michalojko – Melissa

Kumo- The Demon Doll

Junko needs cash quick, so she dusts off Grandma’s creepy doll for eBay, not knowing it holds a monstrous evil inside.

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Written By: Adrienne Camille
Directed / Produced / Edited By: Adrienne Camille + Jackie Perez

Junko: Mina Son
Monster: Sachiko Ishida
Little Girl: Audrey Berkobian
Mother: Adrienne Camille

Cinematographer: Matthew Renoir
1st AC: Matthew Hardesty
Sound: George Takatje
Make-Up/SFX: Amaris Aguirre
Production Assistants: Doug Ryan + Sydney Hoffner

The Ultimate Soldier highlight reel

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Several years ago, Adrienne Camille was a contestant on The Ultimate Soldier Challenge. While she didn’t win the day, she did get some sweet footage.

This was the first and last time I do Reality TV or a contestant show.