Yellow Light Media finished its first project in 2012. Born as an outlet for a few bored veterans that wished for an outlet to be creative, Yellow Light Media continues to fill that need and the media needs of others.

The very first project way back when was not exactly award winning but it got completed. You’ve got to start somewhere.

First production: Ragatime. Diversity has been important since day one.

After 5 years of learning the hard way, we have gotten much better! A bit too honest for a sales pitch but we accept that sometimes visions and means don’t match up. Not getting it right isn’t failing, so there is no shame in doing it right until its good.

“Yellow Light” refers to the founder’s call sign in the Navy and her sense of humor. The company started an effort for veterans to make funny videos, so the name was perfect. The company has since expanded to included bigger projects and small business online content.


Words to Live By: